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About Us

Christopher Alfred

President & CEO.

Oalfred began it’s Clothing & Cosmetics journey over one decade ago by pioneering a better way of working in the Fashion and cosmetics industry.

Since day one, it was our objective to create a brand that gave everyday people the ability to look grooming.

Our mission to create high-quality economical products especially to people who have a profound engulfed beauty to tremendously elevate their outward appearances was never a wasted effort.

This is just the beginning, and here at Oalfred we’re going to keep evolving and pushing the boundaries to bring new innovation in elegant beauty to people of all ages economically with excellent results.

I have personally seen the passion people have in fashion and we’re ready to help take their dream to the next level.

In fact, our cosmetics products gives you magnificent look with jaw dropping rare and breathtaking beauty. We designed and prepare our cosmetics products with quality ingredients to meet your elegant needs at affordable prices.

If you’re a client that come to order our products, you will never regret it. We see your vision, and everything we do is an effort to help you build that fantastic looking you ever craved for into reality.

When you find the right people, you stop working to get by and start working collectively in a strategic manner.

I can say with confidence that the Oalfred team - the team that serves you with the best quality products are ready to provide you with more beauty products you can ever imagine.

And we’re still driven by our mission to create more economical products of quality to people around the world.

You’re our people now, and we’re glad that you’re here.

We hope you enjoy your shopping with us.

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